Soliem Property was founded on a simple principle, to provide quality property management services at a fair price. To do this, we focus on transparency through regular and accurate reporting, something that through our common ownership with CDG Chartered Accounting, we are able to excel at. 

Through our shared and highly trained in-house property management and accounting staff, we are able to not only provide property management services, but an extensive amount of cost analysis and reporting. Additionally, through our software partners, we are able to offer real-time reporting and viewing of all your current properties under management with us. Tenants are able to log job requests through the mobile app, taking photos of the issue, which we are then able to route to the landlord for approval or denial. Happy to automatically approve cost disbursements under a certain threshold? We can do that too. Want to see photos of the recent property inspection or to check tenants are paying rent on time? Just login to the app.

Our experience comes to your benefit, as we charge highly competitive rates for letting and sales, often beating the bottom line of other agents. Better yet, dual CDG Chartered Accounting and Soliem Property clients access discounts, simply because tax work is much easier when the property managements and property sales are also done in-house, it is truly a win-win.

We are firm believers that transparency is key to happiness with all parties. Better yet, we also believe that on-time advice is the only way to success. Due to our common ownership, we are also able to more strictly monitor and report on GST applicable transactions (in commercial leasing), as well as seek in-house advice from CDG Chartered Accounting on matters such as Capital Gains Tax  should you be interested in selling. On that note, we can also act as agents for the sale!

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